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The ultimate goal of Valley Community Church is to reach and disciple the people of our community and surrounding areas. Our mission and vision directs our efforts as we minister to the people that God has called us to.

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To make heaven more crowded!


To make community our middle name.

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Our Core Convictions

  1. We will be a church that promotes community because we believe that life happens best in community.

  2. We will be a generous church because God has been generous to us.

  3. We will be creative in how we do church because the best ways of doing church have yet to be thought of.

  4. We will be a church that shows the love of Jesus out loud to everyone.

  5. We will build healthy, honest, authentic, life-changing relationships with people in our church family.

  6. We will be passionate about pursuing everything that God has for us!

Our Values (Focus, Function, Philosophy)











  1. We are willing to do anything short of sin to reach people.

  2. We exist to minister the people of our community that are outside our church.

  3. We are a church for anyone but not for everyone.

  4. We will never be too big…or too small.

  5. We are going to say no more than we are going to say yes.

  6. We don’t want you to like everything about our church.

  7. We view everything as an experiment, so failure is an option.

  8. We believe that playing safe is actually risky.

  9. We pray like it depends on God, and work like it depends on us.

  10. We believe that God deserves our best and everything else is unchristian.

Our Strategy

Visit - We invite everyone to visit a service or community group. We have all been visitors before and our goal is to greet everyone friendly and make all who visit feel welcome.

ConnectWe believe that true growth in God is greatly benefitted by connection to a local church. After visiting, we want connection with the people of VCC to be easy through our events, outings, and community groups.

Commit - We see partnership as a commitment to help us reach the calling that God has placed on us as a church. By committing to give (of our time, talent, & treasure) and serve (in some ministry of VCC), we are partnering together for a higher purpose in God’s Kingdom.

Our Structure

We are GUARDED by our Board.

  • Our board is made up of Pastors and church leaders from around the country who give wisdom and insight to the financial plans of VCC.

  • Our board is made aware of all big decisions of the church. 


We are GUIDED by our Pastors.

  • Our Pastors determine the direction and day to day workings of the church.

  • Our Pastors, under the direction of the Lead Pastor, direct the ministries of the church.


We are GIFTED by our Members.

  • Our volunteers are the lifeblood of our church. Those who serve, do so by utilizing the gifts and talents given by God for the ministry to the community.

  • Our members faithfully serve as part of a partnership in fulfilling the mission of our church.

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