At Valley Community Church, we have the saying, “community is our middle name!” To us that’s not just a catchy saying, or a play on words...it is truly our heart! We understand that communities are made up of families, just like yours, that come together each and every day to make our world a better place. We are honored that we get to play a small part in that! Opening Valley Child Care in January 2021 is just one more way that we can better serve families by offering loving and safe child care that focuses on building a strong educational foundation, in a nurturing environment. We want VCC to not just be a place your child will love to attend, we want it to be a place where they can thrive! We are so excited to work together towards making Valley Child Care THE BEST child care center in our area! 

If you have any questions about Valley Child Care, or would like to take a tour, please give us a call at (816)795-5454 or email us at vccinfo1@gmail.com.


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